Teething can bite the big one…

Teething sucks.  

I know they must go through it but we got off pretty lightly with Sadie as far as actual teething pain that I am not coping with Molly’s teeth cutting through. 

Two,  I repeat two teeth have been coming through those little baby gums of hers and surprise, one has completely cut through out of order. Whoa what the fuck, back that truck up. What about the one that was coming through up top?  

Last night was such a crappy night. I went to bed and the moment I get comfy to go to sleep Molly wakes up crying, this was just after 11pm. By the time she was settled and fast asleep it was about 1am. Did I get to sleep in this morning? I have a three year old as well, so that’s a big fat no

Molly had great naps today, those were not affected at all, but she was ever so clingy and just wanted cuddles and snuggles, which both hubby and I loved as she normally just wants to venture around or play. One of the harder things was seeing her reduced appetite and being worried that Molly was eating enough but I did take note that she was drinking her bottles which eased that worry just a little bit and I’m sure she will make up for it soon. 

Sadie was the ‘surprise there’s another tooth’ type of teether which doesn’t prepare us for Molly being the ‘monster’ type of teether. 

How were your babies with teething and how did you cope?


Going Cloth

Cloth nappies.  There’s some mixed opinions about it as I have found out. I even had a lot of my own and three years ago while pregnant with Sadie my first though on cloth nappies was eww, no I’m not scrapping shit off a nappy.  I changed my mind and it turns out there isn’t much scrapping anyway. Just a little extra washing but the washing machine does that for me anyway.

Eight month old Molly is now in cloth nappies and I decided to stick with a disposable overnight and I wish I had started sooner. It’s not that hard, they are easy to use and they look cute. I want to buy all the cute nappies but somehow manage to refrain from doing so. We have enough. I think…

Miss molly in her Rarpz nappy

I am making it super easy on myself and Molly and using all totally modern cloth nappies so there is no folding of pre folds or flats. Molly wriggle around so much now that putting a nappy on her is like wrestling an octopus so I will only be using what make changes easy.

While we are only a few weeks into it we are yet to have any leaks, they come out clean with my wash routine and seem to be super absorbent.

There may be more post about the nappies I use, how I find them and if I have a favourite.


Battles With The Two Year Old

Sadie on a good day eating her dinner

Everyday is full of battles when you have a two year old and they are always over the same things, multiple times each day, that sometimes I wonder if they just reset themselves on certain things when they wake up each morning.

Battle one ~ Breakfast, if miss Sadie is not in the highchair or on her booster at the table she has to be reminded that her food is front of her. I could just put her in the highchair or at the table, but sometimes I’m too lazy and don’t feel like doing that. 

Battle two ~ Getting dressed, she doesn’t want to. I call out for her, Sadie runs away, says no and tries to hide. So I grab her and wrangle her into her clothes for the day. Socks are normally off within 10 minutes. 

Battle three ~ Lunch, see the breakfast battle. Just a little less of a battle. 

Battle four ~ Dinner, an ongoing battle that is different everyday. Food is too hot, it’s ‘yucky’, pushes the plate away and says ‘no’. Then we will have a day that throws us off completely where Sadie just tucks in and eats.

Battle Five ~ Bedtime, the only battle is getting her dressed for bed. 

The life of having a toddler is never easy but these battles make the rewards of having them so much sweeter. There is nothing better then getting smiles, hugs, kisses and great belly laughs from your little ones. 


My 5 month old and her routine 

I love having a routine with my babies.

I think it benefits both baby and myself. I can definitely plan my day or any planned outing or errands better around my girls routine. What works for us may or may not work for another baby and what worked for baby number one could be different from the routine of number two.  Apart from bedtime the rest of Miss Molly’s routine was somewhat set by her. 

This is her usual routine…

0630 wake up / feed (she will usually wake between 6-7) 


0830 top up feed / nap

1030/1100 wake up / feed


1130 solids

1300 top up feed / nap

1600 wake up / feed


1840 start bedtime routine of getting changed and into sleep sack

1900 feed / bedtime 

2230 dream feed 

This is her routine and it works for us, the only thing that really changes is she might have her solids at around 5pm because we have run out of time around lunch and it doesn’t seem to affect anything.  Molly is a formula fed baby, and she is a very hungry baby and to fit in the extra that she needs is why I do the top up feeds before she goes for her naps which are good long naps.  Yay for sleep.

Molly sleeps through most nights and I am so grateful because it has been tough for the first few months. I haven’t done any sleep training with her but she does soothe herself back to sleep and sometimes she feeds to sleep.  So even now after getting a second baby to sleep through the night I still don’t know how to sleep train a baby, they just do it themselves.

Although I do miss rocking baby to sleep neither of them let me anymore, yes even my 5 month old will not be rocked to sleep. 


Rear Facing

My 2.5 year old is still rear facing in her car seat, why, because I am determined to extend rear face for as long as the seat allows, for her safety and for my own piece of mind.

She is perfectly happy to still be facing this way.

I was actually about to turn her seat to forward facing when I recently saw a story of an almost 2 year old involved in a car accident and is now in a halo brace. This just reaffirmed my belief in extended rear facing my children’s car seats for as long as possible. 

Shopping with 2 kids

Shopping with 2 kids

Yesterday I decided to get out of the house and do a bit of shopping at the mall.  Going there with a toddler and an infant by myself is not the easiest thing to do. Miss Sadie insisted on pushing the buggy, I still kept a firm hand on the handle otherwise Sadie would have broken out into a run, meanwhile it looked like miss Molly was looking on in abject terror. Or it could of been wide eyed wonder, maybe somewhere in between. 

I have to say since having kids that I have found that a lot of stores are not buggy friendly and that includes some baby store too. Why? 

So getting lunch was next, I could not find one highchair so Sadie just sat in one of the chairs in the foodcourt. When I say she sat, I actually mean she wriggled so much that it took ages for her to finish her lunch. 

Molly sat there happily in the buggy the entire time. 

I hope going out with two gets easier as they get older. Or maybe it won’t. 

My 2 darlings

My 2 darlings

I’m writing this to introduce to you who my two darlings are.

Darling number one is miss Sadie who is 2.5 years old and is one little sassy blue eyed blonde that is on the go all the time. She loves Doc McStuffins and Toy Story.

Darling number two is miss Molly who is 4 months old who has a head of crazy blonde hair that just won’t be tamed.  She just loves giving smiles to everyone especially her big sister.

Being a mum of two is still taking some getting used to and it has had some trying times with many more to come I am completely sure of, but I love these two girls and I would not change it for the world.image